35mm 1.4 Durability

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My guess is you just wore it out. You have no idea how much wear was on it when you got it, then you pounded on it for quite a while ... nothing with moving parts lasts forever under heavy use.

You are absolutely right I have no idea but I seriously the previous owner was shooting the exact same way as me. In fact now that I think about it, I think I purchased that lens when I was shooting with my XE1. A few years ago Fuji didn't have any "sports" cameras and we all know the 35 1.5 was never designed for sports or for heavy duty use. That is a fact. So I doubt the dude using it before me was shooting 1000 photos on a weekend.

The lens has been available for 8+ years now and you’re literally the only poster I’ve seen to report a fault with it. I get it, you take a lot of pictures, but I’m not sure that’s as unique a claim as you think.

MAYBE you’re the only Fuji photographer in the world to use their 35 1.4 a lot, but there is also the possibility that you were just unlucky, and that one particular lens you’re basing all this on just wasn’t screwed together quite right to begin with.

That is indeed the question here. How many photos Fuji photographers/hobbyst actually take. I mean, from the impression that I have from this forum alone, the great majority only shoot for fun so how can one know approximately how long a certain lens can actually last. It would be nice if Fuji or any camera manufacturer had a lens "burn-in test" data available but I doubt such thing is done with a lens.

Yes maybe you are correct, maybe I was just unlucky and that is possible, but maybe is not a matter of being unlucky, maybe the lens is simply not constructed to last a very long time when the AF constantly moving back/forth internally. All the lenses that I currently have are used a lot and the 35 1.4 has been my only "unlucky" lens. All the other lenses I have perform rock solid and I use them equally.

All your other lenses are fine - so what are the chances that Fuji decided to design/engineer just this one lens to such a lower level?  And that you are the only one of us active enough to notice?

The occasional lemon comes off every assembly line.  I think you had one, that’s all.

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