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James Pilcher wrote:

woytovich wrote:

I find the EV on my Pen-F too difficult to get to proper focus when manually focusing. Some of the problem is that the manual focus on the 17mm Zuiko is not 1:1 in that it seems to be impossible to rack back and forth to find that sweet focus spot - a function of the mechanism I know. (Note: I come from a SLR/DSLR background with OVF and prime lenses manually focusing.)

All of that said I love the Pen-F otherwise.

I am also exploring using manual focus SLR lenses on the Pen-F. These offer a more familiar focusing experience.

My question is about the EVF and if there are good options for improving the experience on the Pen-F... real world experience please.

LCD screen hoods, EVF add-ons...? what works?

Hey Mark,

Try this: Do NOT use the MF clutch on the 17mm. Put the camera into MF mode and leave the lens MF clutch disengaged. You may find manual focus performance to be just fine.

I have the M.Zuiko 12mm f/2 since its introduction; excellent lens. If the camera (any Olympus camera) is in AF mode and the lens MF clutch is engaged, the MF is stepped and not continuous. That's ANNOYING and presents a problem for precise focus. Put the camera in MF mode, leave the lens MF clutch disengaged, and the lens manual focusing is continuous and smooth. It is particularly noticeable at close distances, but exists throughout the focus range.

I don't know if the two lenses function similarly, but I offer this suggestion.

Jim Pilcher
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Never thought to try this before. Just tried this method with my 17mm and E-M10 III. Engaging the manual clutch is useful for zone focusing, especially for street shots.

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