Samsung S20 ultra comparison

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Panino Manino
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Re: Samsung S20 ultra comparison

Lee Jay wrote:

That's the entire point of doing the comparison!

If you are going to delete the extra information carried by the smaller and more numerous pixels, you're also going to delete the advantage they bestow - and that's a dishonest comparison.

That's why I talked about comparing default output first and whatever resolutions your curiosity demands second.

Most of these current sensors are designed to downsize, for various reasons.
Huawei sensors are 40mp made to output 10mp, Xiaomi 108mp are made to output 27mp, Samsung 108mp are made to output 12mp. There's a reason for this and this should be the primary comparison to be made, everything else is just an "extra".

Anyway, the maximum resolution is not that good because of the unconventional and subpar color filters. Instead of wasting so much time discussing about something that we all know will be disappointing we could jump to talk about DNG/RAW processing.

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