Z6 for macro and sports

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Re: Z6 for macro and sports

sbw123 wrote:

Thanks for article. 1200 shots on one battery using only the EVF. I think you just helped me choose my upgrade to FF!

What was the EVF lag like? (When I do shoot sports, boxing, it is very fast paced like hockey.)

You can get the Z6 lag pretty low if you shoot at 12-bit. I've clocked it at approximately 30ms in 12-bit (and around 70ms in 14-bit). More details as well as one of my viewfinder tests here (including a super-slow-motion gif):

There is a very important distinction to realize when coming from DSLRs though:

On a DSLR, when you press the shutter button, the mirror has to flip up and the shutter has to open. This takes time. So even if you have no lag in the viewfinder, there is always lag between the moment you press the shutter button and the moment that you capture. You always capture later than you see. You can see some of these values for a D5 (for example) here:

On a mirrorless like the Z6, you are already viewing the lagged image in viewfinder; but there can in theory be less (down to zero) shutter lag when using EFCS or electronic shutter. So you may capture what you see, even though what you see is slightly lagged from reality. Some Z6 timings are here:

And here is (I think) the testing method:

All this to say: just remember that a no-lag viewfinder does not mean a no-lag shutter.

And away from the technical stuff:  I think the Z6 generally works well for action, except in the most erratic and unpredictable action, like trying to cover a bee up close with a 500mm lens.

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