What telescopes, preferrably as portable as possible, are great for under $800

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Re: What telescopes, preferrably as portable as possible, are great for under $800

I am a bit confused by your post

if you're  true goal is to capture UFO's  you're  going about it all wrong with a telescope and tracking or goto mount  system to begin with  you are never going to be able to track a UFO with a telescope since they are not predictable like starts that will always move at the same speed and for your $800 budget you should spend your money more wisely on a good DSLR or mirrorless camera with a fast prime or zoom lens

I would be using a nikon canon or sony  with maybe a 70-200mm 2.8 zoom

you can get an older 70-200mm 2.8 and a fairy late model camera body that can do at least 1080 HD video and you would have a better chance of capturing UFO's  than a telescope and tracking mount

few I would consider

Canon t5i or later with 70-200mm 135mm f2 prime or 85mm prime

or if you wanted more reach a 400mm 5.6  but thats going to be above your budget for the 400mm 5.6 combo  400mm probably run you 800 by itself

nikon d5300 d3500 d5600 etc etc  with equivalent lenses

sony a6000 with 85mm 1.8 or adapted manual focus glass

mirrorless system is going to be better with manual focus glass do to focus peaking feature on them

or if you can find a used sony a7s  first version and a fast prime

then you can basically shoot in the dark with that combo   its the one I use with a canon 135mm f2  and can shoot high ISO stuff that is amazing but Im not shooting UFO's with it

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