35mm 1.4 Durability

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Mine went bad

Spazmaster wrote:

Recently picked one of these up.

I'm usually not super easy on my gear, throwing the camera and lens onto my backseat, putting them without an insert into my backpack.

Wondering about the durability of this lens as it feels a little fragile. Anyone have any insight?

I too purchased my first 35 1.4 used and I would use it as a hobbyist at first but then I started photographing more and more until I started coming home with approximately 1000 photos during a weekend while my hobby was becoming a small business.  I wish I could be more accurate and also know for how long I actually used it but unfortunately my mind doesn’t not have that kind of detailed information because I simply was not keeping track of anything because who does that in the first place, right?

Having said that, the best I remember is that I used it continuously for around two to three years straight, and then all of the sudden it just went bad on me. The lens simply stopped focusing properly and the “grinding” AF sound that it normally made on my XT1 got a bit worse, not super loud but I can tell something was different and the problem was internal. I started getting weird looking soft photos so I didn’t even bother fixing it with Fuji because I knew it would cost me about the same as a new one so I just got me another used one.

I have dropped a few of my lenses by accident maybe once while close to the grown and camera bag while changing lenses on the body but I agree with others that I wouldn’t want to drop ANY of them on purpose just to see how well they are built.

The amount of time someone has owned the lens doesn’t matter, what I would be interested in is how much people have used it. If someone has owned the lens for five to ten years but it doesn’t get used heavily then that doesn’t mean a lens is solid.

i owned and used dozens of other lenses in the past, built of metal and plastic and till this day ONLY one lens has ever gone bad on me. The Fuji 35 1.4.

To me, that = unreliability (for the application I use it for).

For normal non heavy duty use I can only assume the lens should last you a long time and you should be happy.

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