Concert Photography with M4/3? Outrageous

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Re: Concert Photography with M4/3? Outrageous

OM mani padme hum wrote:

One advantage that hasn't been mentioned yet is that a lot of M4/3 gear is small enough one can often take it into venues or festivals even when it might not be technically allowed. A GM5 or silver E-M5 looks old and harmless to security used to Canikons, and many of the lenses are equally small and unobtrusive.

When interchangeable lenses are officially permitted, the 40-150 & 300mm Pro lenses give a lot more reach than is possible with FF for any reasonable weight, size or cost, IMHO.

The pro photographers usually only get 10 minutes or three songs at festivals - whichever comes first - so often it's possible to get as good or better pics after the initial frenzy subsides if you're at or near the front.

IQ is mostly more than good enough as is shallow DOF, though I wish Olympus would update their cameras to automatically remove microphone stands from images!

Oh wait... you're giving me ideas! So I could pass security with my silver bodied Oly EM-10 III + silver Tamron 14-150 zoom?!? LOL 😆🤔😎 (I know that's not the best lens for concert photography, but anyway... 😏)

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