Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

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Re: Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

goshigoo wrote:

I thought Panasonic first implemented IBIS on GX7 followed by the G/GH series?

I am hoping they are doing the same for GX10

Yes, GX7 is the first to have IBIS, likely a 2-axis IBIS on a fixed position sensor.

Before GX85, G85 and GH5, there was also the GX8, which is a stand alone premium class product (not a successor of GX7), has a fixed position IBIS sensor. It is also the first Panasonic model support DUAL IS (a primitive form).

According to our good member Richard's review, the effectiveness of IBIS of GX8 could be similar to that of GX7, around 1~1.5 stop.


As per Richard's test result, the DUAL IS of GX8 could be similar to the legendary IBIS of EM5.2. However, it must uses a DUAL IS compatible lens, and DUAL IS is not applicable to 4K video.


The GX85 (a.k.a. GX7-II) which is the first of Panasonic to adopt a new standard of hardware, including a 5-axis gyro sensor for the IBIS. It is also DUAL IS compatible which covering still and 4K video. The IBIS alone, as per Richard's test, should be around 2 stops (same finding by myself) and I found its Dual IS should be around 4~5 stops depending on the lens.

(starting from G85, 5-axis gyro sensor is a standard hardware, except GFs, as well as a more effective DUAL IS 2 which could be around 1 extra stop of effective stabilization over DUAL IS. Up to this moment, GH5 and G9 should have the most effective stability (both on IBIS alone and DUAL IS 2) of Panasonic line up.)

The latest GX9 (a.k.a. GX7-III) uses the same 5-axis gyro sensor (but 20Mp instead of 16Mp). According to Richard's test, IBIS alone of GX9 has been improved from GX85:


If there would be a succeeding model to GX9, I don't think Panasonic will stupid enough to put in a less effective IS system (then GX85 or GX9).

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