FZ2500 poor battery life

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Re: FZ2500 poor battery life

cheapthrillz wrote:

I have been using this camera for about a year now. It's a fine camera but the biggest downside for me is the poor battery life. A battery lasts about 1.5 hrs even if I don’t take many photos. I use it a lot for bird photography which involves leaving it turned on most of the time while I am out in the field because I figure moving the lens in and out when turning the camera on and off uses more power than just leaving it on. I mostly shoot in AP mode and use a back button for AF. I think the continual auto exposure metering is maybe the key thing using power. When I am out with others I am changing batteries much more often than my friends, some with bridge camera others with DSLRs.

I would like to know, are the settings I can change that will reduce power use? and, might there be something wrong with my camera?

Keep continuous AFC off. Use the LCD instead of the EVF as much as possible. EVF is a large power drain compared to LCD.

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