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I agree with you. They should revive the contax line. I think the Zeiss ZX1 is a huge misfire. It is just much too large for what it is. It does have a few very interesting ideas though. Specifically; built in social media sharing and built in storage.

As for Panasonic and Olympus well... there is a reason, after being a dedicated m4/3 shooter for years, that I liquidated all my gear and bought Fuji. The forest through the trees says the M4/3 is totally stagnant. Olympus has completely lost the plot.

But back to the original topic. I could really envision a Digital Contax T2 selling extremely well, or at the very least selling as well as a Ricoh GR III would/did.

schaki wrote:

JL Auch wrote:

Would love to see this camera remade, or some version of the contax t2/3.

It would be nice if Zeiss began to use the Contax brand again. Contax used to be innovative and that is exactly what the Zeiss ZX1 seems to be.

Not too sure however if they are about to launch that camera or not though. I guess we that we might hear and see something from Photokina, if Zeiss will be there.

Just a couple of days ago I read that Nikon, Leica and Olympus wont be there this year.

I find that somewhat weird because Olympus don't seem to do too well really and like Panasonic them still hangs on to that old 20mp 4/3 sensor which they have had since 2015 when it first was used in Panasonic GX8.

There almost must have been tweaks made to that old sensor over the years, but it really would be good if Sony could come up with something newer that have good DR and iso performance.

Nikon is still doing well enough with their dslrs at the moment but really must try and get it right with their mirrorless ZX-line of cameras.

Leica however are problably doing well especially with the Rangefinders and M-mount as there is seemingly no real competition. The L-mount alliance with Panasonic and Sigma however. I'm not sure that Leica benefit a whole lot from that really since Sigma also can make very lenses probably Panasonic is not bad either at a lower cost than Leica as for the camera-bodies too I suppose.

The only small lenses that I've been able to find for the L-mount are the 18 and 23mm aps-lenses from Leica. Panasonic and Sigma, so far, have only bigger/ longer lenses that unlike the those two Leicas supports FF for the L-mount. It's not very well. I had hoped that there would be more small lenses for that L-mount.

Panasonic have no aps-camera for that mount yet. Leica have three. TL, TL2 and CL and Sigma have 2 from 2016. The last two Leicas was launched in 2017. So both Leica and Sigma might launch another aps-c/h camera for the L-mount during 2020.

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