D780 AF better than D750

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Re: D780 AF better than D750

ltcdata wrote:

Ok, Thom is starting to publish what he thinks of the D780.


Interesting bits:

  1. In reasonable light, the D780 is clearly better than the D750. It does a better job of tracking focus on fast or erratic movement, it's a little more sure and quick to focus.
  2. As light decreases, I can see the D780 start to struggle a bit. In the sun, the camera never struggled. Under the lights—admittedly not particularly bright as it forced me to ISO 6400—I could see the camera at times take a moment to figure out where to put the focus, and since I'm on AF-C Release mode shooting sports, that caused some initial focus misses before focus was found on the action. I'd characterize the performance as still better than the D750, but I'd guess that what I'm seeing in low light are the limits of the old CAM3500FXII sensor.
  3. The D5 (and D500!) does clearly better in the same situations, but it also has far more crosshatch sensors across a slightly bigger area that it can focus in. Again, I think the limitation of the D780 is probably what the CAM3500FXII focus sensor can do. I'm comfortable in saying that the D780 has improved focus performance over the D750. Now I'm trying to figure out where it fits in the current Nikon full frame realm (e.g. Z6/Z7, D850, D5/D6). Of course, price tells me what the likely answer is: the D780 is down near the Z6/Z7, not up near the D5/D6 ;~). Still, there's the question of exactly where still to answer.
  4. Live View is pretty much the same as on the Z6. I haven't yet found any tangible performance differences in D780 focus while in Live View mode to what the Z6 does (disclosure: haven't gotten to the video testing yet).

But a lot of you aren't trying to push a D780 that way, so wouldn't have that issue. Still, that tight central focus sensor array is a distinguishing trait of the D750 and now the D780. I guess one way of putting it is this: if you were comfortable with the D750 focus array, you'll be fine with the D780 array, and you'll get better performance from it in many if not all circumstances. So yes, there's been a clear advance. Just don't expect that you can get a cheap 24mp D5 now ;~).

Still rocking my D750 after 6+yrs and not needing to upgrade at this time. Vamos BOCA JRS

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