Why NOBODY told about the lack of the "exposure Liveview" in the GRii?

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Why NOBODY told about the lack of the "exposure Liveview" in the GRii?

A sort of flame, I know, but when I held my "brand-used-new" Grii and I put it to the test, it was very off-putting!

The LCD screen can't show in realtime on Liveview the exposure of the final shot.

I wouldn't believe it!


This is what I see through the GRii LCD

And this is what I get:

Yes, I freezed ISO on 100, and with Tv mode and Auto ISO the shot would taste good...

But! Oh my gosh!

Nobody told about this "core" fault of the GR system!


I looked into the Settings dozens of times. I read the manual completely two times. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing wrong anything.

In M mode the things are a little better, because the "LCD image" try to follow the shot settings A,S, and ISO... but only up to a certain point.

In addition, the usefulness of histogram is prone to none, beacuse it doesn't vary changing the shot settings.

Oh, my gosh!

Please tell me that I'm doing smething wrong.

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