16-80mm f4 or 18-55mm f2.8-4

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Re: 16-80mm f4 or 18-55mm f2.8-4

hpfoto wrote:

Po Sen Tsui wrote:

lewiedude2 wrote:

hpfoto wrote:

I would sell the 16-80mm once you get it. You can probably profit $100? Then put the money towards a 16-55mm F2.8. As much as I love the 18-55, the 16-55 is much better. I can't advocate putting a $300 lens onto a $1700 body.

What? This isn’t advice that someone should be getting. Please consider what you are saying.

To the OP, buying a lens to go and sell the lens to ‘make’ $100 doesn’t really add up either.

Get the 16-80 and go use the lens and enjoy the gear.

Agree, lens should be judge by usage, not price.

As should be the case when buying cameras. If you don't need to use fast quality lenses, then why buy an x-t4? Use common sense.

Heed your own advice. Reread his post. He said that he cannot justify the 16-55 right now. The difference between the lenses is not $100.

And it makes perfect sense to buy the X-T4 right now. Its Fuji's best camera feature-wise regardless of which lenses used. Especially if he would like to invest in better lenses in the future - which it sounds like he does. Buying a camera other than the X-T4 and then having to sell it in the future would just end up costing more.

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