FZ2500 poor battery life

Started Mar 5, 2020 | Discussions thread
Rambow Senior Member • Posts: 1,223
It's only a tiny 1000mah battery....

cheapthrillz wrote:

It's a fine camera but the biggest downside for me is the poor battery life. A battery lasts about 1.5 hrs even if I don’t take many photos.

might there be something wrong with my camera?

You are powering a monster with a tiny 1000mah battery that would normally power a pocket camera from 12 years ago. Actually, no, my lx camera actually had a bigger battery, 1150mah if i recall correctly.

The power draw from that zoom lens and screen/evf at full brightness is enough to deplete that battery in 1.5 hours, without mentioning cpu and sensor usage.

Aside fom having better batteries, dslrs actually don't use too much power. The zoom is not motorised and having a OVF means there's almost no power draw while framing. This is how some models can take 3000 shots on just one battery!

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