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Re: B&H vs Adorama Shipping

BrightTiger wrote:

Both have been very good to slow in my experience. Seems like it should be a simple process for an important step but I guess it's not their thing. But this week, Adorama's lack of shipment tracking and their CS got exposed.

Now Issues happen but can easily be rectified. Not this time. Ordered a filter set a week and a half before a trip. See that the UPS label gets created that night. All is well. No follow up via UPS tracking for after it should have been delivered by Fri. Got an Adorama follow up it should be here Tue despite no updates from UPS. Strike 1. No sow on Tue, called Adorama customer service (CS). Lost in transit...but I called UPS before Adorama and they never received it. Strike 2. CS tries to fob off regular delivery. Strike 3. CS finally gave in when I reiterated I had a trip in a couple of days and that's why I had ordered well ahead of it. So they say it will arrive the following day. Despite 3 strikes, ok and whatever. Wed passes, strike 4. Chat CS on Thu. Passed to 2nd level immediately - not a good sign. They say they had to handle the previous UPS issue before they could send it out today (Thu). Que?. No. you don't. and I point that out. First time any CS has tried to pull that out as an excuse. And that's just really skanky CS. Strike 5. And they leave it at that. Strike 6. I mentioned that I would follow up with reviews and here we are. Going to be Amazonand B&H for now.. need to go through forums and YT like J Polin to find other stores

I'm sorry this was your experience with our Customer service team. I'd like to help but am unable to ID your order without more information. Can you please email me with your order number? My email is nancym@adorama.com

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