Fuji X-T200 vs Sony A6100

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Re: Fuji X-T200 vs Sony A6100

flip 21 wrote:

TangoMan wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

Thanks, but... It is the second time that I post something here, but nobody seems to say anything, or help...

I really find this sub-forum very odd, and very different from Samsung forum, where people help each other, or at least say something...

Is it just a Fuji camera owner thing?!?! It seems like I'm talking to the infinite here...

Well, if you take into account the fact that nearly nobody has a X-t200 yet...

Also, traditionally , the entry level models are under represented on this forum. Those who buy them seem to just use them and don't feel the need to come here to talk about them. I used to have an X-A1 and nobody cared here, they were all over the X-Pro 1 and X-T1.

I also suspect that there are a lot more Sony users than Fuji ones. But ask your question again in a few weeks, and you should get more responses.

Thanks You see, some months ago I ask something similar to this, but I was torn between the Sony and the Fuji X-A7. Nobody said anything... I want you guys to speculate ehehe....

The problem is that since then there is no dpreview review about the X-A7, so I got a little bit anxious with the X-T200 because I really want to buy Fuji, and it seem to overcome all the flaws of the X-A7, except for the bad audio... I went to the store and unfortunately you cannot try the X-t200 So I have to be sure about it...

Summing up, what I want to know is basically two things:

- Is both the 1080p 60, and 120fps, equivalent to the 1080p of the XT3/XT30?

- Can I overcome the bad audio hissing coming from the preamps of the X-T200, lowering its record level, and adding +20db in the mic?


Thank you all so much

Lowering gain on the camera and using a hotter mic should always lower the noise floor. If it is enough, only know by trying. So using something like a VideoMic NTG or Deity would help. But again, if you're really concerned about audio you should look at an external recording solution. A $100 digital recorder (eg H1n) will beat the in-camera setup.

My guess is the 1080p won't be equivalent as they are different sensors, but that they probably are "close enough" depending on what you're shooting. Still preferable to shoot 4K and downrez in post.

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