Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??

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Re: Using Images Downsample to small 'NOT SO useless' as to IQ

My first reply and 'main point' of my reply was to the 'topic' of your OP:

"Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??"
... and that using images 'resampled' down to small size (29% of original size) really cannot be used to determine a camera's IQ due to being 'resampled' the image is a
'completely new digitally created image'.

Lookup and do some reading for yourself on what resampling does to a image.

Really cannot have a worthwhile discussion ignoring the facts.

BTW as to your ...

... You sold D-SLR to enter FZ1000 and smaller sensor world.

Huh? I've NEVER sold a DSLR for the FZ1000. Guess you did not take the time to look at mygear prior to posting.

I did get the FZ1000 for a smaller/ lighter single 25-400mm EFL lens solution for general purpose/ travel camera. Though there were times would I carried the FZ1000 and a 70D with 10-25mm lens attached when I knew I would want/ need a wider angle lens.

I still have the FZ1000, but got the RX10 IV as a upgrade for better quality glass/ 600mm EFL.

The RX10 IV far less expensive, smaller, and lighter alternative than getting a good quality long FF tele lens.

For important pics, and when I shot for other people (i.e,, church events, and occasionally a wedding when a couple cannot afford to hire photog) I use my FF DSLR's.

... FZ200 has f2.8 lens. No way FZ80 competes, since ISO will be higher many times.

Again my point even at the same aperture/ exposure FZ80 going to have noticeably more noise due to the smaller pixels.

Why do keep replying as if I'm arguing with with you? I'm Just pointing out the facts, nothing more or less.

As if the the way you use the FZ80 (full tele/ wildlife) the right way, and someone using FZ80 as a general purpose camera is wrong.

As I clearly noted in my post I got the FZ80 'hoping' that with shooting RAW and downsampling to 12MP the FZ80 IQ would be close enough to FZ200 IQ to use the FZ80 in lieu of the FZ200 and the R&R of the 1.7 X TC.

For myself even with DxO PhotoLab 3 Elite Suite PP RAW images, not impressed with FZ80's 'overall' IQ with images downsampled to 12MP to match the FZ200 12MP image size.

I 'only' posted my past photography experiences just as a reminder that I'm well aware of exposure basics and post processing film and digital images.

Really no need to post comments as if I was a newbie to using digital cameras; been PP FZ80 JPG/ RAW images for over a year.

Others can chime in and mention other things I didn't comment on.

They already have in past posts on FZ80; axlotl (Camera Ergonomics), Avian2016,
New Raj, Sherman Levine, Stevie Boy Blue, etc.


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