Selling My Nikon D750 and pre-ordered an X-T4

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Re: Selling My Nikon D750 and pre-ordered an X-T4

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digital-freak wrote:

I've been shooting Nikon since the D70 first came followed by D300, D610 & D750. I've been wanting to go mirrorless for a while and was very interested in the X-T3, but I really wanted IBIS. So I patiently waited. I ordered the X-T4 with the 16-80mm f4. I also bought a used 55-200mm. Considering a 10-24mm down the road.

The 16-80 doesn't get a lot of love here but I use mine a lot and find it to be a great all-around lens.

Curious why you didn't go Z6 though? I converted from Sony to Fuji for a variety of reasons (still have an A7iii at work though), interesting to hear people's rationale.

My main reason going mirrorless is weight. The Z6 is lighter than the D750, but he lens' aren't really any smaller or lighter. I chose the 16-80 over the 16-55 for the same reason plus because it's longer reach. I used the Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 with my D750, when I use to shoot weddings and always went with the fastest lens' but I don't need that anymore. Carrying that around all day gets old.

Makes perfect sense. The other thing I found was that shallow DoF has its place, but for a lot of what I shoot I need a bit more in focus. So f4 on APSC is a pretty good compromise when you consider size/weight, and I also really like the higher iso output from the X-T3. I routinely shoot 12800 and find the images typically useful. But I kinda like some grain/noise and I'm not into pristine images. I know others who don't like to go above 3200. I think those that really crave clean low iso images are perhaps better served with a FF setup. But its always a tradeoff.

You should enjoy the X-T4. My budget can't handle it at the moment, but once it recovers I'll have one coming to either replace the X-T3 or accompany it. I was wanting IBIS and a flippy screen (unlike many here), so the X-T4 is a nice upgrade for my needs.

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