Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

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Re: Why?

Steven Seven wrote:

Thank you, your explanations in the post above were helpful. The neg I posted above actually has a ton of details in both shadows and highlights, they were clipped intentionally in post-processing because I like the contrasty look. Delta 100 is amazing.

Basically my interpretation of what you're saying is this: "using conventional emulsions and developers like D76 one can play with tonality & contrast of negatives by manipulating dilution, temperature and development time"

And since I never wet-print, I only scan. So I can do the same thing with standard "on-the-bottle" processing routine and use the curves tool in CaptureOne instead. Delta films (and Tri-X) are amazing for this. Not so with HP5+ that thing just gives me a bunch of nearly identical grey, I will try it again in other developers. I really want to like it (because of it's cult following) but it's really hard... This is my typical HP5+ scan:

Even after a ton of curve tweaking, it's basically pitch-black plus a bunch of grey. I hate this look:

HP5+ in DD-X stock

Even scans and curves adjustments cannot correct completely for poor exposure and development....a good scan needs a good neg.

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