Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

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Re: Why?

Steven Seven wrote:

"to get consistent negatives and know your film speed learn to use one film and developer well and only change things for special situations"

Sorry but as a newbie can I ask for some clarification? What do you mean by "learn to use one developer"? The instructions for all of them (well... I only used Xtol and DD-X) are simpler than any cooking recipe: Mix up with water at 20C, 9 mins, four inversions every minute, done.

I've only done 8 rolls and they're all identical in quality. Yet people talk about advantages/disadvantages of HC-110 vs D76 vs ID-11. Am I missing something?

Here's a typical neg. I'm getting:

Delta 100 in DD-X , the instructions from Ilford's web site

That print? Looks pretty contrasty land the shadows look a bit underexposed a softer result would probably look better. Expose for the shadows and develop to retain highlight detail. Ie give a full exposure probably more than it says on the box and underdevelop to keeps highlights from blowing out. If I was printing that shot on graded paper I would reduce the paper one grade.

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