Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

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Re: Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

elmo wrote:

bonesetter wrote:

I've recently bought a bottle of monobath, as 3 mins in and out and you have pictures appealed

I watched a fair few YT videos and they were all positive, saying the monobath performs the same as the old school method

The monobath has been around for a few years now which means it's had plenty of time to be evaluated - really, what's not to like?

Primarily, 3-minute development time, is what's not to like. With such a short time, any variation in agitation, or temperature, or the way you pour into and out of your tank, or, if a bubble clings to onto your neg for 30 seconds, etc... becomes much more significant, than with longer times. I like 8 to 10 minute times. For example, that 30-second bubble-cling of developer starvation would be 16% of 3-minute total time. But, it would only be 6% of an 8-minute development.

Fair comment, and I have to say, makes sense to me

I've not seen one single negative comment about this system though, and if buble clings were an issue folk would be talking about them

I've a bottle sitting on my table so I'm gonna use it

I'm really not sure about the whole film thing. I enjoy the colour results and some B&W's have been really nice, but there's a lot more misses than hits

I'll give it the summer and revaluate

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