Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

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Re: Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

bonesetter wrote:

I've recently bought a bottle of monobath, as 3 mins in and out and you have pictures appealed

I watched a fair few YT videos and they were all positive, saying the monobath performs the same as the old school method

The monobath has been around for a few years now which means it's had plenty of time to be evaluated - really, what's not to like?

Primarily, 3-minute development time, is what's not to like. With such a short time, any variation in agitation, or temperature, or the way you pour into and out of your tank, or, if a bubble clings to onto your neg for 30 seconds, etc... becomes much more significant, than with longer times. I like 8 to 10 minute times. For example, that 30-second bubble-cling of developer starvation would be 16% of 3-minute total time. But, it would only be 6% of an 8-minute development.

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