Remote shutter release options for Canon 5Ds

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Re: Remote shutter release options for Canon 5Ds

I have two wireless units that I use with the 5DS-R the 5D-IV and the 6D-II.

One is the Phottix Aion and the other is the Rollei. Both work great and will get over long distances and through objects. Both have quite a lot of extra features other than simply shutter release.

Both of the receivers have hot shoes so you can sit them on top if you wish but the shoes are dumb so sitting won't actually do anything.

Both of the transmitters are transceivers when wired so you can just use that part if you wish.

The Phottix receivers and transmitters both have lanyards attachable so you can e.g. just hang a receiver on a tripod or suchlike and the receivers wire goes into the socket on the front of the 5DS whilst you fire from the transmitter as far away as you want.

The Rollei does not have lanyards so I improvised with some of my own; you could just as easily attach the Rollei receiver to a suitable clamp / hotshoe etc on your tripod.

I did buy a similar unit from Pixel but it was a poor experience for me; can't recall why.

You can add a dual hot shoe bracket from Andoer if you want a gun and a trigger in the same place on top. Be aware that ETTL does not work on both sockets simultaneously but you'd only be using one for flash anyway:

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