Why aren't smartphones more expensive?

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Re: Why aren't smartphones more expensive?

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I was shocked to see that the Iphone 11 Pro sells now for only ~$1000. Same applies for the samsung s20 pro on the US market. The upcoming S20 ultra with 108mpx sensor and 100x zoom will only cost 1400 dollars. That's a huge bargain(think how much would a 100x zoom lens for your existing camera cost).

Why are these camera phones so cheap? I'm sure most existing clients wouldn't mind paying double for one of them.

After all, they have state of the art cameras, computational photography, high resolution displays etc. Surely all that technology is worth more than a thousand dollars.

How much would you be willing to pay for the latest and best equipped version of the iphone/samsung galaxy s?

Xiaomi Note 10 pro also has 108mp 1.33" sensor, ultrawide, 2 x tele (50mm), and 5x tele and cost $449 usd. If camera is your only criteria, you are over paying Iphone and Samsung.

But it's missing most of the new US bands (i.e. 600MHz) making its usefulness in the US limited.

That's funny, there are over 10 LTE bands in USA and missing one new one will the phone useless? So not having 5G means most of the phone currently sold useless?

If your carrier is TMobile (the only carrier with a 600mhz network) then yeah the phone is far less useful without thay band. Band 71 aka 600mhz is T-Mobile's low frequency band for much of the country without it your signal strength goes to hell or disappears completely outside cities and their metro areas.

Wouldn't this be an issue of choosing carriers rather than an issue of the cameras on the phone?

The Xiaomi cost is just a little over a third of the Samsung 20 Ultra. Which basically is what this thread is about. And the fact that Xiaomi has one extra standard 50mm camera, I am sure for the price of the phone a lot of users are happy to choose Verizon over T-mobile.

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