Could it all right to buy X-pro3 now?

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Re: Could it all right to buy X-pro3 now?

skyesong78 wrote:

goodbokeh wrote:

skyesong78 wrote:

I also just have been to the UK website. It is quite surprising...

X-pro3, both new and refurb cameras, are all out of stock.

I guess you are right. There seems to be a hardware fixation going on (or being planned soon).

Many thanks again.

Oh my another rumor monger. What a surprise from a brand new member and a X-Pro3 hater, what do you know. Attention seekers all.

Dear Sir,

I am not a new member indeed. I have used Fuji cameras since S3pro and recently GFX50S.

I am interested in X-Pro3 and would like to know when would be proper time to buy it. I hope you would not misunderstand.

No worries.  He trolls here and other forums going after anyone that might sing anything other than praise for Fuji.  Never ceases to amaze me what set some folks off.  Decorum is a lost art anymore.

Proud Xpro3 hater here.   I have had the X-Pro3 for three months with no EVF issues.   However, Fuji has acknowledged the issue without identifying a fix.  Latest firmware announcement was vague as to what it was supposed to correct and one user even reported the issue after installing it.  I believe Fuji will stand by their word and replace any and all defective EVF's.  It is up to you to decide if you want to take that risk and deal with the potential disruption having a camera repaired.  If you really need or want it now, go for it.  If not, waiting would probably be the better option.

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