Could it all right to buy X-pro3 now?

Started Mar 2, 2020 | Questions thread
AshleyMC Senior Member • Posts: 1,003
Re: Could it all right to buy X-pro3 now?

goodbokeh wrote:

skyesong78 wrote:

I also just have been to the UK website. It is quite surprising...

X-pro3, both new and refurb cameras, are all out of stock.

I guess you are right. There seems to be a hardware fixation going on (or being planned soon).

Many thanks again.

Oh my another rumor monger.

What kind of condescending judgment is that? Is it necessary at all?

What a surprise from a brand new member

Is that how you welcome new members?

and a X-Pro3 hater,

How exactly did you assess that? Even if someone "hates" the X-Pro3, what does that have anything to do with you?

what do you know. Attention seekers all.

Another discriminatory accusation! You must have your head checked.

Your post added zero value to this thread. Did you post to seek attention?

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