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Re: A rumored EF-M 18-45 F2 - 4?

plantdoc wrote:

You forgot the risk of dropping a lens (can easily happen) standing on a city street, more risk of nasties on the sensor, or even a quick snatch and grab in some places while distracted.


I've dropped the 22 and 32 multiple times for this very reason. I'm guilty of bringing my gear to weddings/parties I've attended as a guest, and when you've had some champagne and aren't being careful enough, it's easy to bump into something while holding a lens loosely and drop it/the body. Luckily, they're well made and both work flawlessly still, but it's a risk I'd prefer to avoid entirely with a nice zoom.

It'd need to be a good lens, though. I have the 18-55 EF-M lens now, and I never use it because it isn't a great lens.

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