A1 Poll - Manual Focus Problem

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A1 Poll - Manual Focus Problem


I have tried to talk to Minolta about this problem. but they deny that there is any problem. despite the fact that I have seen it on 4 different cameras by now.

I have a poll for the problem here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Dimage-A1/ Look under Polls. You may have to sign in.

For those who don't want to do this, read about it here and vote:

  • YES :

If at 200 mm Zoom: Camera does NOT show distance Infinity (Tilted 8) when focused at 200 meters (yards)

  • NO :

If at 200 mm Zoom: Camera shows distance Infinity (Tilted 8) when focused at 200 meters (yards)

Here's how to test for this bug and why I find it annoying:

The A1 seems to have a Manual Focus
problem at zoom larger than approx.
150 mm. To check if you camera has a
Focus problem, do the following:
a) Set Zoom to 200 mm
b) Set camera in Auto Focus (Don't use
Flex Focus)
c) Aim at a target at least 200 meters
(yards) away
d) Press shutter switch half way down
so camera focuses.
e) Release shutter and switch camera
to Manual Focus

The camera should then shows the last
focused distance. It should display
Infinite (the "tilted" 8 symbol).

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> > > > If the camera now shows 10, 20
or 30 Meter, you have the MF Problem.

If you try the same for Zoom set at
100mm or less, the camera will show
Infinity (tilted 8 symbol).

This problem also manifests itself in
another way: When the camera is
focused at infinity (200 meters or
more) at 200 mm, the subject should
stay in focus when you reduce the zoom
to 100 mm (without refocusing). This
is the way the Dimage 7 series worked,
and the way the A1 should work, but it

The problem with this is that I use
Manual Focus A LOT for Night Shots
where it is TOO dark for the AF to
work. The MF bug in the A1 makes it
hard to know WHEN a far away target is
in focus when the zoom is anwywhere
between 150 and 200 mm.

Geir Ove

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