Do you agree with Jared ('A WARNING to Sony')?

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Re: Do you agree with Jared ('A WARNING to Sony')?

GrapeJam wrote:

HFLM wrote:

GrapeJam wrote

To poor untrained eyes there might not be difference between f1.4 and f1.2 lenses . But to trained eyes, f1.2 lenses just have this "special magic sauce" that gives the photo an unmistakable look that push the photos into the fantasy dreamland distinguish it from "just another f1.4 lens".

I know high end photogs whom when they switched to Sony outright refused to use Sony pro lenses because they lack the "f1.2 look" and just adapt Canon f1.2 lenses instead.

LOL. That is what manufacturers want to tell you. It is far far more important to use light, back/foreground, composition etc. f1.2 vs. f1.4 does not give a "special magic sauce".

Its not just just the background but with f1.2 the blur spread more into the subject's body, object around them that you can't get with f1.4 to the same effect.

Irene Rudnyk who uses f1.2 both afar and close up that gives a her photos a really unique dreamy look thats just not seen with f1.4. You look at her photos and just instantly notice that f1.2 "magic sauce".

I still call that nonsense. I don't see special magic sauce. The style, compostion etc. is far more important than the f1.2 vs. f1.4.

I recently saw a comparison of the 85GM and RF85/1.2

I couldn't see the special sauce, to be honest, a tiny bit more blur which could easily be added in post, too, if required.

Blur in post never look as natural as actually lens blur no matter how much you want to believe it, sorry.

You would not be able to see the difference in a blind test. There are so many factors at play, here. We are not talking about several stops.

Sure, if you only want to satisfy the average guy, but then why not just buy cheap consumer lenses if the average guys wont notice the difference between f1.8 andf1.4, f4 and f2.8 anyway?

Again Nonsense. After a certain aperture is reached you won't see huge differences anymore. The subject look "beamed" into the scene, the background blurred into oblivion. We have taken so many portrait images, although we like shallow DOF, other factors are much more important.

Some people notice, some people don't. I do notice the difference, you might not.

You claim to. It is similar to the "less elements" gives more 3D Pop + microcontrast church. All I can see is some fan arguing with others like in Kindergarten. Sorry to be so harsh.

And there are people who also want to, you know, enjoy ourselves, you might not like it but there are people who do

Valid. If that is important to you, fine.

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