Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

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Re: Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

I have been using GX85 since its release

It's the reason why m43 system shines

I hope Panasonic can add the following in GX10 / GX7 Mark 4


- Better viewfinder/LCD, hi-res, non field sequential

- New, better sensor, maybe organic sensor?

- Maybe a 2nd microSD card slot? Support microSd Express?

- Longer battery life

- Support HEIF  / DNG

- Weatherproof

- New pancake kit lens, maybe 12mm f/1.7

- USB Type C, for data transfer and charging

- Joystick? But it seems useless as touch AF works quite well

- Better jpg engine

- 1 button 100% playback for focus check

- No blackout silent shutter?

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