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Re: A rumored EF-M 18-45 F2 - 4?

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What da hell? What a strange focal reach for a kit lens. Wondering if it will have a metal or plastic lens mount and why not a 24 MM equivalent on the wide end? Also will the copy to copy consistency be better than what we have now?

It's a fast 28-70mm equivalent. Like the R lens but more affordable. And presumably small enough to fit the EOS M template.

If it would be similar in size to the 15-45 or 11-22 it could make the 22 prime sort of redundant for me, let's hope this one really becomes a reality. If they plan to release any better M bodies they almost have to do something regarding the kit lenses, either improve QC or offer something a little faster.

Same. I love the 22 and it's my most-used lens, but I tend to take that and the 32 when I'm in a situation where I want people pictures indoors, and an f2.0-4 zoom could allow me to avoid lens swapping entirely in those situations.

Both these primes and especially the 32mm will give better results than that zoom.

Most likely, but the question isn't whether they will give better results, it's whether the zoom's results are acceptable enough to me to obviate the need for lens swapping, which can cause one to miss a shot.

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