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Re: X-T4 video question

Mateus1 wrote:

Lukedriftwood wrote:

Mateus1 wrote:

So there is crop at 4K 60p, not used with 400 Mbps, still 4:2:0 internal... and not for H.264 codec.
H.264 codec reduces all video to 8-bit.
240 fps 1080p has big crop almost x1,3.

Can't find information about 120ps, is it also cropped x1,3 or full sensor readout?

120p/240p both have 1.29x crop.

There's an option to enable the 1.29x crop for every resolution/framerate combo.

Thanks. So the highest frame rate for 1080p with full sensor readout is only 60p?

Without crop, 1080p goes up to 60p.

It's not "full sensor readout", 1080p is line-skipped and pixel binned.

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