Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

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Re: Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

I would say bottom line if you have not do so, put the XYZ camera in your hands and or rent it.  Numbers on paper only mean so much there is the user in the hands experience

It may or may not be for you BUT if Sony offers something you need you make it work !

I went from micro 4/3's to Fuji X to Nikon D750 and D850 both gripped bodies with big glass back to Sony with a battery grip as i need it.

When I shot Nikon yea it was heavy I got used to it till my needs changed.  I used external flash and RRS L plates etc... I even had the Black Rapid duel strap since I needed to use two bodies at the same time with a 24-70 and 70-200 around my neck

What I did with Nikon when I wanted smaller is get the Nikon 24-85 zoom and take off the battery grip it was great.

However, one may not want to look like the event photographer all the time so I got a p&s like the Sony RX-100 or even a small MFT's body with a 12-35 kinda lens

Heck the Fuji XE-3 with the 18-135 is pretty small like the Sony A6xxx with the same lens range.


If you need to make it work for you, you will if not maybe you dont truly need this and stay with MFTs it is a personal decision as much as a Nikon D5 user will praise what they have as much as a Fuji X user as much as MFT's shooters.


Figure out what YOU need and the results you want and buy the tool that does it.

Photography is more then just the camera and lens.  All cameras do the same thing in the most basic way.

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