Do you agree with Jared ('A WARNING to Sony')?

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Re: Do you agree with Jared ('A WARNING to Sony')?

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

Please watch this, if you have time:

Hint: set playback speed to 1.5 to save your time.

What can Sony do to maintain its lead over Canon & Nikon?

Do you want a larger pro body?

Should Sony switch to XQD or CFE cards?

Should Sony re-design the 70-200 f/2.8 GM and other lenses to make them lighter and more compact? Should Sony make innovative lenses, like f/2 zooms?

My 5¢:

- I am happy with current body size. This is why I shoot mirrorless.

- I am also happy with SD card speed, but I shoot landscapes mostly. I understand that action shooters needs faster memory. I am also very comfortable with SD pricing at the moment.

- Waiting for Tamron 70-180 f/2.8 - if it performs well, I don't need an updated Sony zoom. I don't need ultra-fast primes and zooms for my photography, but I would like to play with T&S. Will try the Rokinon / Samyang 24mm T&S.

Of course, my preferences are usable for me only.

There was always a leap-frogging between companies wrt their offerings. Now that not only the sensor but software plays an important part part, the offerings will ultimately be very close (all have eye-AF, do deep learning etc.), not only the sensor will be important, but the algorithms, too, they can reduce sensor performance differences. Sony has one advantage, they are the biggest sensor producer for this market and they have a stacked sensor.

Canon just played catch up and the newest 1dxiii is able to compete with the A9 (three year old tech) in some aspects , The sensor readout speed is still low (1/60s).

So Sony's stacked sensor successor will again pave new ground and so on.

That doesn't mean that now other things become more important (e.g. losless compression, touch interface etc.).

Lens wise, I see Sony still clearly ahead. They now have a huge amount of native lenses from different manufacturers and excellent glass. The Canon f1.2 lenses are super large, heavy and expensive. They are very good, but so are the 50/1.4, 85GM, 24GM, 135GM, the Batis lenses, the Loxias, the Sigmas etc. etc. If you are not able to deliver with those lenses, you should change jobs or stop photographing altogether. I like those new lenses from Canon, but I also like the Sony lenses, they are fantastic. My skill is much more important than the difference in the relative lens sets.

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