180/200 mm MF suggestions please

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Re: 180/200 mm MF suggestions please

rich_cx139 wrote:

I am looking for a ( probably ) prime at this FL and probably f2.8 or f4.

I tend to use longer teles for most "still' subjects incl industrial architecture/landscapes/flowers/close-ups ( with achromats ). Subject distance tends to be 3/4 metres to 500 m say. As well as good centre field resolution fully open, I would want reasonable performance over most of the FX field when I stopped down to 5.6/8.

At the moment, in terms of MF lenses, I am using mainly Zeiss C/Y and G adapted to a Z6 ( previously to an A7 ). Weight and MF of longer MF lenses at this FL is not an issue for me.

My budget is up to 800 GBP -ish ( say 1000 USD ) - at a maximum. ( am currently selling stuff on the bay to get to this ).

My preference at the moment and in an ideal world, is the C/Y 100-300 simply because I like the Zeiss rendering ( I have, use and like the usual C/Y less expensive suspects: dist 28/2.8, P50/1.4 and 1.7, P85/1.4, S105/3.5 and the VS 35-70/3.4 ). The 100-300 gets a better press that the C/Y 80-200 and the S180/2.8 and this seems to be apparent from the MTF's as well.

The problem is that I would want a good copy and most that come up are ex Japan. I have bought a lot of lenses ( most of the C/Y &G ) and camera bodies ex Japan with much better experiences buying from Japan than from elsewhere, there is always a first time......

The issue is that returning stuff ( if I have to ) is a hassle for me with UK customs etc.

At the moment I have a Nikon 180 AF-ED ( not D ) which I find is fine to MF on a Z6. I don't collect lenses so the aim would be to find a possible alternative and sell the other.

I like the Nikon a lot but I want to see if there is anything, affordable, out there that I might prefer.

The "elephant in the room" is the Leica Apo-Elmarit 180/2.8 which is way outside my budget.

Any ideas please?

I know the obvious other option is to get a used Tam 70-200 G2 - but I want to try MF first


Very happy with my Canon nFD 200/4 bought for £49 late last year...

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