Are people maybe a bit too critical towards Fuji?

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Re: Are people maybe a bit too critical towards Fuji?

William Loney wrote:

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I just came across this "best travel camera 2020" topic here on dpreview. 2 Fujis amongst the cameras there.

I looked at the verdict regarding the X100V as the other one doesn't interest me. And there it was:

Too many dials.

Is there anything left here that has not been shred to pieces by reviewers and posters here? Marco1974 (I think) got 45 "likes" for his "T4 is good, but..." post with a lot of bold print pointing out the failures of the new not delivered yet camera.

So where does this leave the casual observer of those who may be interested in one of the current offerings?

  • Fuji shouldn't focus on video so much
  • Old 35/1.4 and 23/1.4 lacking as they aren't fast enough for - you guessed it - video.
  • X-Pro3 a disaster on all fronts, waiting for X-Pro4 to "fix" the OVF magnification, the debacle screen - and of course the un-workable ISO dial! Also shocking workmanship, it literally falls apart!
  • X-T4 ... flippy screen (sounds like this is a good thing you think?) photo/video dial (really being used all the time) and not enough improvements in it. Disappointment regarding the megapixel (yeah, right...). Ah yes: and EC dial can't be locked! Waiting for X-T5/6/7 to fix all this!!
  • X100V not weather sealed without a filter. No stabilisation. And - see above by preview so it's official - too many dials!

So who on Earth would actually buy any of these items?

I guess I am not always free of all this "fault-finding" fest indulgence, but have at least in private come to the conclusion that I use any camera for what it is and can do, instead of trying to find out - sometimes real hard - what it can't do ...


A big part of it is that there are so many different users with varying needs out there, there's bound to be quite a few folks who don't get exactly what they want, and, as this is the most popular photographic website with public forums, they come here for maximum exposure for their ranting.

Some folks take it very personally when new upgrades aren't tailored specifically to THEIR needs. A lot of these folks think that having all of the latest and greatest features is somehow going to make them a better photographer. It won't.

Some want all the extra features, only to then complain that now there are too many buttons and dials, or not enough.

And finally, some just like to complain.

A lot of these folks would do wise to visit other forums from time to time so that they'd see that EVERY brand has it's shortcomings for some, and where they might also notice that there are more than a few comments where someone is complaining that "why can't we have 'feature x' on our cameras? Fuji does."

Complainers be complainin'.

And yet here you are here complaining about the complainers.

Not complaining, EXPLAINING. Big difference.

Call it whatever you want - semantics.  Anyone criticizing can call it "explaining" too.

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