Are people maybe a bit too critical towards Fuji?

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Are people maybe a bit too SENSITIVE towards Fuji?

This forum seems to have the most intolerant reactions to any Fuji criticism - IMHO - leading to the most locked threads.

Nobody finds any camera "perfect". All reviews are part fact, part opinion. The reviewer was just doing they job competently by providing an honest opinion. Ultimately, what you are criticizing is the reviewer's opinion because you don't with agree it. Would you rather a reviewer not provide an honest and complete opinion? Cover up any negative opinions lest someones feelings are hurt?

So at the end of the day we end up with:

1.) User criticizing some aspect of a camera

2.) Forum member criticizing user for criticizing the camera - usually by questioning their motives or integrity

3.) Thread being locked

Rinse and repeat.

All of this is IMHO.

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