Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??

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Re: good results

Photofreak7 wrote:

The FZ80 is no twilight camera. It's not like the FZ300 is a twilight camera, but at least the FZ300 doesn't sacrifice light for zoom length.

Not supposed to. Same as saying ' at least the FZ80 adds twice the zoom reach at about the same size.' 

Had the FZ200. It can't take the type of photo's I Can take with the FZ80.

Seems simple enough..but many don't get it

Math...600mm vs 1200mm..and at 3MP less, then one gets  1700mm.


And for a small sensor, light is kind of important.

Absolutely.. the FZ300 is a much better camera in my experience.. and I own both.

I owned the FZ200. Loved it.

Same sensor and lens as FZ300.

Excellent for keeping ISO low.

Why is it compared to FZ80?

It zooms to half the reach, and has slightly LESS less cropping ability , at 12MP.

600mm...vs. 1200mm.

Not the same.

No...not even close.

i.zoom is fine if you like lower I.Q.

Yes, FZ300 has better I.Q. (12MP good for 1/2.3" sensor) .

Plus, constant f2.8. Great . I most always shot my FZ200 at f2.8. does not zoom to 1200...nor 1700mm at 8MP, as the FZ80 can.

So not in same league. Different and why some choose it .

I was able to get images never possible with FZ200/300, cause zoom reach is less enough that I wouldn't bother as subject too far away) . Since having the 1200mm to 1700mm reach of the FZ80, I have taken mucho images of:

Great Egret

Excellent O.I.S for handholding at 1200mm to 1700mm. . Look at these low shutter speeds:

1200mm, then cropped a bit

EZ zoom (9MP) to get 1699mm) 1/15th shutter!!

Even the Moon, at 2446mm:

Also , past around 900mm fences disappear and what I would not have shot, I now can:

The only reason to consider the FZ80 is for the 20mm WA or 1200mm zoom

Yep. Or someone wanting full features for cheap, and willing for I.Q. to be less than great.

..but just stepping back a bit fixes the WA

Not always possible. sometimes. I don't use the 20mm end, myself.

and the iZoom works well on the FZ300 until say 800 or 1000mm even getting to 1200mm with ok results.

I don't like i.zoom .Used it on many FZ camera's.

I always get better results with EZ zoom.

Also metering and AF is a bit better , compared to not using it, many times, as subject is cropped closer. Less distractions for the system.

Now, with DXO PRIME and RAW, the FZ80 is better than before. Better might not mean Great, though.

Does it match my D7500

For I.Q.

For AF

For high ISO quality ???


Doesn't need to.


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