Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??

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Photofreak7 wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

The FZ80 is no twilight camera. It's not like the FZ300 is a twilight camera, but at least the FZ300 doesn't sacrifice light for zoom length. And for a small sensor, light is kind of important.

Absolutely.. the FZ300 is a much better camera in my experience.. and I own both. The only reason to consider the FZ80 is for the 20mm WA or 1200mm zoom ..but just stepping back a bit fixes the WA and the iZoom works well on the FZ300 until say 800 or 1000mm even getting to 1200mm with ok results.

Regarding the long end of the zoom, the DMW-LT55 should beat i.Zoom.  And while neither length (1080mm equivalent) nor image quality are likely matching the FZ80, image brightness is better.  You can actually stay pretty close to F2.8 without much of a loss in quality on the FZ200 but then you want to use a tripod since image stabilisation needs to get informed of  tele/wide adapters in order not to under/overcompensate, respectively.  And once you tell the FZ200 about the tele adapter, it refuses to go faster than F4.  A pure nuisance in my book.

For the wide end, there is the Sony VCL-MHG07 0.7x adapter (there are variants like VCL-MHG07A but the difference are just stepup/stepdown rings in the box: the adapter itself has 52mm threads), directly on the filter threads.  Assuming that they are at the same location with the FZ300 as with the FZ200, the adapter shows rather little vignetting and corner distortion: often you can just ignore what occurs there.  One nuisance is that this adapter is not focus neutral but relies on macro wide mode to focus sensibly.  This brings the back lens of the adapter in focus and any dust or smudge on it.  Surprisingly annoying.

Sometimes it just has to be wide-angle.  0.7× 25mm EFL = 17.5mm EFL

Impressive lens size (not so impressively clean mirror)

Sony VCL-MHG07 back view on the 52mm filter threads

This is how it looks taken off.  The vignetting in the lower corners is visible in the first two pictures.  It is quite more apparent in the raw files, and the image quality right next to the corners is also unsharp and distorted.  But one can see that it's surprisingly workable (the lens was designed for cameras that did not go wide nearly as much) if you don't put important stuff like faces or lettering there, and those would take a beating from wide perspective anyway.

So at least on the wide end I have my thirst for experimentation taken care off.  Of course, having to fiddle with an adapter rather than just getting the results out-of-camera is a disadvantage.  But not one I'd buy another camera for.

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