Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

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Re: Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

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rashid7 wrote:

I agree... i think u will need to go to a hi MP sensor to see any dif in rez. However, the A7iii will boost your low light performance by about 2 stops, and give you (potentially) the highly exaggerated benefit of narrow depth of focus. The better low light performance applies mainly to dynamic subjects. With static ones, you can brace and/or rely on the superior IBIS and Dual IS of the smaller sensor. The GX also does a very good job of stabilizing 4K

Don't rush into this, unless u've money to burn, he he

Yes, that’s a really good point. The better ISO performance of FF is largely negated by the extra 2 or so stops of IS with some M4/3 cameras. As you say it’s of little worth though if the subject isn’t stationary. Then again to stop any motion requires reasonably fast shutter speed. If you can’t shoot fast enough you use the motion for creativity, no?

Yes, I find that i don't mind my night shots of public places shot at, say 1/10 sec (or longer!).  Many folk are standing still, and i don't find the blurred ones distracting from the photo, unless they feature prominently (large in the frame)

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