Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

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Re: Help needed - Anyone has/had both GX85 and A7iii?

Foto4x4 wrote:

Not the GX85 but like Rashid7 I’ve had plenty of M4/3 gear, including a GX8, GX9, EM1.2 and a couple other bodies. I had some great M4/3 glass too, my favourites being Oly 12-40, 12-100, PL100-400 and a couple short primes. Having previously shot with Sony both compact RX100s and APS-C models there was this yearning to try Sony FF. I picked up an A7RII off eBay at a great price and soon bought some good lenses. The results from a 42Mp sensor outclassed my M4/3 gear when matched with G and GM glass. I recently sold all my remaining M4/3 gear to fund a 100-400GM with some left over for a 16-35/f4.

My EM1.2 has high res mode too, but since exposures need still subjects or night scenes where light trails add creativity, I rarely used it. And you don’t have the feature in your GX85 anyway. I don’t miss it at all.

The questions that you do need to consider though are these.

  1. Do I want to retain some lightweight gear? The Sony bodies may be a little smaller than you 5D3, but the lenses are FF and similar in size and weight to Canon’s.
  2. Will 24Mp really give me that much better image quality at normal viewing and printing sizes. I think not. However, 42Mp is another thing altogether especially if you crop images.
  3. Is this just GAS? Mine probably was but in the end I’ve made the right decision to abandon M4/3 completely. I have a RX100VI for compact shooting. And I have a couple small primes that make the A7RII less to carry around so long as I leave the big lenses at home.
  4. Are you prepared to sell your Canon gear and will you gain enough advantage to justify any loss that might incur. I am uncertain there is value in doing that. Then you need to ask, if you want to stay with no more than 2 systems, which do you sacrifice.

You have some hard thinking to do. In my case jumping from M4/3 to FF only made sense if I also raised the Mp equation. For me 42Mp is a sweet spot. I am not convinced 61Mp will bring me much more than I have now, but I do know that I’m in front of my 16 and 20Mp M4/3 cameras despite how good they were ergonomically, and feature wise.

Let us know how you get on... and good luck!

I agree... i think u will need to go to a hi MP sensor to see any dif in rez.  However, the A7iii will boost your low light performance by about 2 stops, and give you (potentially) the highly exaggerated benefit of narrow depth of focus.  The better low light performance applies mainly to dynamic subjects.  With static ones, you can brace and/or rely on the superior IBIS and Dual IS of the smaller sensor.  The GX also does a very good job of stabilizing 4K

Don't rush into this, unless u've money to burn, he he

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Keep it fun!

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