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All you A9 users probably know the answer to this. There are three quick settings tabs but how do those interact with the manual control wheel on the left that controls focus type and frame rate? For example if I have it set to H and AF-C, but I create a quick settings that includes single-shot and AF-S, what happens?


I'm not sure what you mean by "three quick settings tabs" ?

Do you mean saving setting to "Recall Custom hold 1/2/3" or save settings to memory 1/2/3 and then recall by the different possible methods .

The first one can override focus-type or frame-rate if you choose to include those and the second doesn't not contain focus-type or frame-rate as valid settings to save as I recall from top of my head.

I personally think the Sony "manuals" lacks huge in these parts, it's often so that the manual only refer to the menu in the camera to show you which settings are valid to save/override. Both these settings are good example of that, which makes it nearly impossible to figure it out if you don't have the camera in front of you....

I think he means control knob positions and the three memories.

As far as I am aware they recall all your "software" settings ONLY (eg. focus zone) - but they will never override the camera control knobs (eg. exposure compensation, frame rate, MF etc...)

That said I don't personally use those memories (I have far more than three scenarios that I have to deal with, getting more familiar with quickly setting your camera's controls I find to be far more effective for me personally).

Thanks, that answers it. I have three basic setting 'types' one of which is still / portrait / landscape and the other two are sports variations. Within those, of course, there are multiple settings and use cases.  I was just initially confused by the two manual dials on the left side - which I like.

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