A6600 vs X-T4, quick analysis

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Re: A6600 vs X-T4, quick analysis

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A6600 is a giant killer of a camera, simply the best aps-c camera ever made imo, in many respects its the best camera available right now, a true flag-ship product that stands head and shoulders above the competition and in particular the new Fuji X-T4, here's why I think it's a far better camera overall.

  • a6600 has 0.66 ev more dr at base
  • a6600 uses bayer, better than xtrans imo, especially for controlling detail
  • a6600 has better resolution, no worms, less artefacts
  • a6600 has iso100 base, Fuji is iso160, why can't Fuji do iso100?
  • a6600 has 50+ raw frame buffer, Fuji is just 35
  • a6600 has deeper grip, a lot deeper
  • a6600 has significantly better battery, at least 50%, at least
  • a6600 has corner evf, better, always
  • a6600 has better lens selection, by a mile especially better af primes, much
  • a6600 has better 4k video, more dr/latitude and compact files
  • a6600 has better tilt screen, fuji's is from a camcorder, yuk
  • a6600 has better pasm control, fuji doesn't have a pasm dial
  • a6600 has two direct memory recalls, Fuji has none
  • a6600 is lighter, over 20%, with 16-55 2.8's, >25% lighter
  • a6600 is smaller, a lot, less dslr more range-finder, more leica-esque sleek design
  • a6600 has more fn buttons and better placed
  • a6600 can be used and controlled in one hand
  • a6600 has soft control over saf, caf and mf, fuji is the horrible front dial
  • a6600 has better review button placement
  • a6600 has better af in video incl tracking and eye detection
  • a6600 has better af in stills incl tracking and eye detection
  • a6600 has better eye detection, incl animal
  • a6600 has better evf, especially in mag mode
  • a6600 has better mic/head-phone jack

There are probably more, many, but for me, personally the x-t4 doesn't even come close!

I REALLY hope Sony has a top of the line APSC coming to compete with the XT4 this year.

so you still think x-t4 is better, lol, run that past me?

I think the XT4 added features that I was really wanting in the a6600. So yes it is better in some important ways that I think Sony missed, unfortunately. Doesn't mean the 6600 is a bad camera...just was sad to see the XT4 get what I was hoping for from Sony.

what features?

Better IBIS/stabilization. 4k60, 10 bit, and better bit rates on all the footage.

I really want to update my 6300, but honestly I can't justify updating it to a camera with the same sensor.

does it matter as long as it delivers you better image quality?

It doesn't offer better image quality. The quality is still great, but it's not really improved from my a6300 other than AF/tracking, etc.

there isn't a better aps-c image sensor available above the a6600, in terms of image quality a6600 is the current bench-mark.

I was hoping they would introduce their new sensor in the a6600. So it was a bit disappointing that they didn't.

The xt4 IBIS looks impressively better than Sony's. Looks amazing. I need that for my sigma lenses!

its the same as the a6600, identical, maybe 0.5 ev better, that's it!

That's just not true. 6.5 stops is significantly more than Sony's 5 stops. It's a very noticeable difference even just looking at footage.

oh, now we are talking video and the digital is, which is a big chunk of crop, it can be done in post just as effectively, better.

Honestly, the Fuji Xt4 is what I was thinking the 6600 was going to be or should have been.

I certainly was hoping the a6600 is everything it is, it's much more.

Cool. I'm glad. It's lacking some key things in my view.

you didn't say what?

I've said what like.....3 times. Better IBIS, newer BSI or upgraded sensor, 4k60, 10 bit, better bit rates.

Fuji's really one-upping Sony in video specs which is also surprising because that was kind of Sony's lure in the first place. They must be struggling to fit everything in with the small form factor.

Sony has better video image quality, it has more dr, more latitude.

This is not true.

it is true, how can a sensor with better dr not translate into better video too?

It doesn't have better DR than the a6500 or 6300. I love Sony's DR. But like I said, I was hoping for a new sensor/processor.

They're AF is better in video.


But video quality is not.

so you are going to record 400mb 4k?

200mbs 4k60 and 400mbs 4k 24/30 would be awesome.

Fuji has much higher bit rates and 10 bit.

and what are you going to do, grade it all, wait until you start to work with gigabytes of 4k video and start grading it, you need the better latitude because fuji will either clip the highlights or you'll underexpose so much to protect them you'll need to raise them.

It's better quality. There's also SIGNIFICANTLY less rolling shutter.

4k30 is almost undetectable unless you are waving it like sword

not if you're doing handheld stuff, or whip pans, or action, or anything with very fast movement in it. This isn't a dealbreaker issue, but I do hope that they can improve it.

I'm extremely surprised they didn't put this 26mp sensor in the 6600.

why, it uses xtrans, the 24mp sensor is better than xtrans 26, every day of the week.

They must have made it exclusively for Fuji or something....or they're just skipping it and waiting to put their newer one in.

who cares

I want an updated sensor,


The sensor is not updated. Everything I've watch, seen, and read says there's no difference in performance.

IBIS on the level of the XT4/Panasonic cameras,



and those higher bit rates and 10-bit video, 4k60, (4k120 would be amazing for slow-motion too but I think that's wishful thinking, especially in the small form factor).

you'll soon get bored, use 4k60 and 2k120

? Bored with what? Not sure what you're talking about here. There is no 4k60.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what Sony brings next. The 6600 has some nice additions.....it's just not enough though.

that's your prerogative

Indeed. I'm glad you're happy with the 6600.....I was just hoping for a few more things.



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