OT. Anyone here have the Panasonic Lumix FZ80/82 ? Interested on know how .......

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Re: OT. Anyone here have the Panasonic Lumix FZ80/82 ? Interested on know how .......

Aleo Veuliah wrote:


Sorry for this question here, but I decide to post here because what I want to know is if IQ is really good for that sensor size. And here if anyone has the camera they will for sure compare with Micro 4/3.

I want a bridge an the FZ80 attracted me because of having 20mm at start, I do not care much for the telephoto range above 300mm.

I have micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses, only want the FZ80/82 for light travels.

Best Regards,

Aleo Veuliah

Last summer, for his 10's birthday, my son wanted a camera, a "big" one with a long zoom. According to the money he was able to grab as gifts for his birthday he chose the FZ82. The budget was already extended to the upper limit, otherwise I would have strongly suggested the FZ300 instead

Anyway, here are my feelings about the FZ82

- IQ is generally disappointing, even for such a small sensor, I guess it comes mostly from poor optics. Yet, if you are careful about subject distance, focal, and ISO, you can get some nice photos

- The EVF is poor and diopter adjustment knob is moving too easily (I even thought we got a faulty one but did not want to investigate further)

- Video is quiet decent (at low ISO)

There is obviously much more to say but the truth for me is : I don't see myself using it often, but my son is very happy (so I don't tell him anything negative about his cam :)) = that's the main achievement of this camera

Boy playing with his new toy

And a few from the FZ82 (shot mostly for my own evaluation), generally raws pp'ed in LR:

Full zoom

Around 70mm. Good conditions, not bad at all

Air meeting last summer. My son took the photos, I did the pp

Air meeting last summer. My son took the photos, I did the pp (with cropping)

And for the fun, he asked me for a few portraits taken with HIS camera

He shot me in the wild

Thoses examples are among the best, many went to the trash especially when shot by my son (he is rather not very patient and dedicated - needed for this kind of camera I would say). They will print pretty well at least up to A4 (I did for some)

Now, a few years ago I still used the "expert" 1/1.7" compacts (Nikon P7100 & P330) and the IQ was higher. Larger sensors and better optics, probably. Now with the FZ82 you gain a very long zoom (and very wide also at 21mm), 4k video, and good ergonomics

I have more examples, feel free to ask

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