Adobe is killing the perpetual license for Photoshop CS6

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Re: Wrong versus illegal but not truly wrong

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I'm not advocating it, because that would be wrong, but failure of DRM tech due solely to lack of resources on the mfr side .... If anybody wants to deal with this by finding an 'illegal' crack for the DRM .... I won't be phoning the feds.

It might be illegal, but it is not wrong in the sense of unethical or immoral to create or use some crack / hack to continue using software that you lawfully perpetually licensed, in essential conformity with that license.

The ancient distinction is between malum in se (wrong in itself, inherently wrong) and malum prohibitum (wrong because it is prohibited, elliptically by a lawful authority). See, e.g., and Taking someone else's intellectual property (e.g., software) without paying for a license on terms to which its owner agrees is malum in se. Continuing to use your lawfully-obtained perpetual license after a DRM server goes down by using some hack is merely malum prohibitum--and even then, more as a technicality than in the sense that driving through on a red light is malum prohibitum.

Or maybe some less erudite wisdom would be in order:

“ ‘If the law supposes that,’ said Mr. Bumble, ‘The law is a ass—a idiot.’ ” Charles J. H. Dickens, Oliver Twist (published as serial, 1837-39)


Oh wow, REALLY well and elegantly said. Very fair comment and agreed, all of it.

Just one thing that may be a consideration, IS it illegal to use a hack if the other party has already breached the contract by not enabling the license to continue perpetually?

And if they cannot keep the registration server running perpetually, surely they could give those who purchased the software a patch that permanently enables it? Or a replacement code for new software? Something?

If the answer is that 'perpetual' only means until the software provider no longer supports the registration of the product, then that should be stated in bold at the commencement of the contract / purchase, as that is not 'perpetual' in the normal use of the word.



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