Speculations about why Olympus is stagnating in Video specifications

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Speculations about why Olympus is stagnating in Video specifications

Dear Members,

I was keen to ask in another forum why the Olympus video specs have not improved significantly since the E-M1.2 from 2016. The only addition since then was the 120 fps FullHD mode. Also the flagship camera that I was hoping for so much to get better video specs did not improve on this. Other system cameras from other manufacturer released right at this moment are now far ahead of Olympus in terms of video specs.

After the discusson in that forum raged up to a point where the topic got deleted (why it always ends that way in todays time?), I was able to gather some highly interesting opinions from other users, that I would like to share with you. Maybe we can have an interesting discussion about it:

1. Interestingly many members in that other forum don't care much about Olympus and video, some even would be happy if Olympus would focus purely on stills and does not "compromise" the camera with video features. This is an interesting opintion but does not give any explenation, why Olympus does not improve in video, unless they share that opinon. I also don't see why video features compromise a camera in the way that it would not be suitable for stills. The hardware of Olympus is fantastic, the IBIS, the size and weight are unmatched. So based on that body, giving it great video features would create a win-win for Olympus and the users for stills and video.

2. Also many members immediately reacted in the sence, that for better video don't choose Olympus. Also this is an intersting opinion because it would mean that Olympus does not attract customers from the videography side. Also this does not answer the question "why" unless Olympus really has given up on serious videographers.

3. Now its getting more interesting. Some people pointed out that Olympus was traditionally not into video and their Research and Development is lacking the skills to close the gap to more video oriented competitors. But does this really explain the stagnation over 5 years and not to forget the 5 years ahead. Literally Olympus remains on the video specs from the E-M1.2 with one addition for the E-M1X? Sure it is possible to add new video specs later in firmware but when they are not implemented with the release of their flagship camera, then I have doubts about it. Also because of point 4 next.

4. The most interesting point mentioned was that the Truepix9 is not designed on the hardware layer to process high demanding video codecs. That sounds like the most convincing opinion to me. That would explain why adding two Truepix8 to the EM1X only gave one more video option 120fpsFullHD and even though one new Truepix9 is at or above the level of two Truepix8, it is not capable enough for higher video frame rates. That would also shut the door for future firmware upgrades. Also keep in mind that neither for the E-M1.2 nor the E-M1X a new video spec was introduced with a firmware updarte (except for the new OLYLOG400, but that's a color grading feature, not a new spec).

So what does this tell the video oriented Olympus users like me? Its quite hard to accept that for the moment UHD 4K 30fps and C4K 24fps is all I got from their flagship camera for the next 5 years. Sure these specs were fantastic back in 2017 when I bought my 3 EM1.2, but seeing what specs of other cameras today, I have my doubts about Olympus and video for highend users.

With best regards,


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