With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

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Re: With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

Jeff Self wrote:

When the Z7 debuted, everyone thought it was a mirrorless version of the D850.

I don't know who "everyone" is supposed to be, but I was certainly not one of those that thought the Z7 was going to be a "mirrorless D850", before or after I purchased it when it first came out. In fact, I do not know where people get the idea it was a full on mirrorless D850. Maybe a mirrorless D850 without the AF tracking ability, but never a full on mirrorless D850, that was never going to happen.

The Z7 was never supposed to be a full on D850 mirrorless camera but instead a camera with a point of difference and that being a smaller, lighter pro spec camera that was good for everything bar AF tracking in a mirrorless body. Specifically designed to entice those that wanted a smaller lighter camera for travel and other duties where you did not want to lug around a full sized DSLR and a heavy F mount lens set in the wide angle to mid focal range with superior IQ ability.

But now that there are rumors of the Z8, where does the Z7 fit now?

In the same spot it fits into now. I use my Z7 for all duties except high demand BIF tracking. I rarely use my D850 nowadays.

After all, the D850 is a professional camera.

As is the Z7.

Best jack of all trades dSLR there is. A rumored Z8 seems to me that it would be the equivalent of a D850. So what's the purpose of the Z7 then?

As a camera that does everything for those that do not need the AF tracking of a D850 yet in a smaller, lighter body that can be matched to smaller lighter wide angle to medium focal length lenses of generally superior quality.

I see the purpose of the Z6. It's basically equivalent to the D750/D780.

But again, without the tracking ability of those cameras.

Maybe the Z8 will be the equivalent of the D5/D6?

No, more likely like the D850 but with more Mp and a larger heavier ML body than the Z7 in order to fit dual card slots more battery power and more processing power etc. The D6 will have far superior AF tracking than the Z8 and a similar AF ability will likely be in the D850 replacement.

Then maybe there will be no Z9?

Th Z9 may be a D6 mirrorless "equivalent" like the Sony A9. It may have similar AF ability of the D6 and/or D850 replacement.

Provided the Z8 isn't the D5/D6 equivalent, what's the point of the Z7?

Like I said, it will be a smaller, lighter camera than the Z8 which will likely be larger and heavier, and for those that do not need the AF tracking ability of a Z8, a much better camera fit.

I'm a happy owner of a D850, D500 and a Z6. Hoping to have mirrorless versions of my D850 and D500 in the next couple of years.

I am a very happy owner of a Z7 and a D850 and also hope to have a ML camera that has AF tracking ability so that I can ditch my D850.

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