Why does Fuji focus so much on new bodies when what we really want are more lenses?

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Why does Fuji focus so much on new bodies when what we really want are more lenses?

So I crunched the numbers on the lens releases by year:

2012 - 5 Lenses

2013 - 5 lenses

2014 - 4 lenses

2015 - 6 lenses

2016 - 2 lenses

2017 - 2 lenses

2018 - 3 lenses

2019 - 1 lens

It really seems to me like a downward trend. Why is this happening?

  • One plausible argument is that the market is shrinking, but wouldn’t those same forces also apply to camera body development? Instead, they release new bodies at a faster pace than practically every brand except for maybe Sony.
  • Another argument could be that their lens lineup has matured and there's no need to have so many releases. But there are still considerable gaps on the long end above 200mm despite performance (e.g. sports and wildlife) oriented features in the bodies. It seems like there are plenty of fuji fans that have an appetite for revamped lenses with better AF motors, moisture and dust sealing, or even new focal length primes
  • Another plausible explanation is that the mirrorless competition is more fierce today than it once was. But Fuji has had a pretty solid market hold in the APS-C niche regardless of what the "others" are doing.
  • Possibly lens development is much more R&D intensive and costly than repurposing semiconductors in a body.
  • Maybe the profit margins are higher for bodies?

I am curious what others with more knowledge of the subject think. I think It’s great to see a new body on the way, but I was also immediately disappointed not to see a more promising update to the lens roadmap.

All that being said, I think it would be really nice to see them at minimum release mark II versions of existing lenses with better AF motors and moisture/dust sealing. Now that they basically have a mature top of the line camera that has for all intents and purposes "caught up" with everyone else, I really hope they shift their focus to lenses.

Disclaimer: I know I don't speak for everyone, but I have to believe fair number of Fuji users feel this way...

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