G9 Detail better than APSC?!

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Re: Light+Sensor+Lens+CPU+Photographer+PP=Sharpness

KameraKnut wrote:

My conclusion? The E-M5 with the 12-40 was so darn close in image quality that it was hard for me to decide between the two but in the end, I went with the Sony because to me, the images seemed to have more "depth" and quality to them and the range of shooting scenarios was much broader. The smaller sensor unfortunately, still produces images that while quite sharp and vibrant "feel" more compressed. That was a personal choice based on my preferences. Everyone cuts their own cheese.

Well said.

I agree that the larger the sensor, the more "clarity" and "depth" the image seems to have...it's more like real life. It's not really measurable (unless maybe it's very low noise?...even at base ISO)...but definitely observable, esp in certain, even well-lit, images...but the further question, is does the user or audience care or notice?

As long as an image isn't too demanding (meaning lots of dynamic range, poor light, max cropping), a smaller sensor can of course produce a great image, and cameras (and the associated lenses) based on those sensors are typically smaller/cheaper/lighter which are advantages to many people, esp for traveling.

The difference in sensor sizes is not about sharpness, it's about noise, dynamic range, and color-depth capability, and typically more pixels, which, for photographers who shoot at the edges of the performance envelopes*, larger sensors are typically much appreciated, esp in A-B comparisons with smaller sensors.

Of course all this said, the best camera is the one you have with you that can get the image, and no one (besides us nerds) EVER asks of a brilliant photo, "I wonder what sensor size that photographer used?"

*which again are scenes with lots of dynamic range, and/or low light, and/or involves max cropping, (think birds in flight, surfers (in black wetsuits), indoor high school sports (which is low light as far as cameras are concerned), and other low light situations.

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