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can you remap a 4500? (nt)

Dave Van Patten wrote:

After much reading, thought and nail-biting, I just completed what
I think was a successful remap of my 5700. I'd like to share the
details while they're fresh in my head. Last night I downloaded
cpixmap.exe v0.14 from the Russian fellow's sight and tried to run
it (after un-zipping of course.) It would not connect to the
camera with the way I had hooked it up. I figured that the camera
should be on in order to be recognized by the USB. That was the
wrong order of things. Connect the (turned off) camera to a USB
port (using the little cable supplied by Nikon, THEN turn the
camera on. At this point, Windows pops up a "new hardware found"
box and asks for drivers. The next part of the struggle was
locating the right ".inf" that it wanted. I pointed it to the
"trial version" CD of Nikon View and it didn't seem to see what it
wanted. After clicking "back" about two dozen times and trying to
navigate through every subdirectory on the CD, my computer froze up
causing me to re-boot. LOL! This time, I put my "trial version"
of Nikon Capture in a CD drive and had another go at it. Camera
was already hooked up and switched off. I turned it on and Poof!,
the "new hardware found" was back. This time it seemed to find
what it was looking for. (Actually loaded two .inf files I
believe.) Now, I ran cpixmap.exe and it connected to the camera on
the first try! Important side note: Before running the program,
the camera must have the proper USB protocol to match your
computer's OS. Check page 143 of the 5700's manual for your needs.
(Mine was "mass storage".) Anyway, the little program was running
and had communicated with my camera! I clicked "read pixels" and
watched a bad pixel counter go up while a percent progress counter
slowly marched toward 100%. This part took about 5 minutes. It
reported exactly 512 bad pixels, the maximum number that the remap
table can contain. I read that somewhere, an old thread here, I
believe. I held my breath and clicked "REMAP" knowing that I might
end up needing to send my baby to Nikon if I muffed it up. There
was no turning back. No second chance. The program was remapping
my CCD right before my eyes. It was then that my eyes noticed that
the battery indicator was now reading half-full. Experience was
taught me that by the time the camera thinks the battery is half
full, IT'S NEARLY EMPTY. Wouldn't that be a great time for the
battery to quit? Half way through a remap? My anxiety didn't last
long though. A few seconds later, the program told me that it had
finished doing the remap. Nothing left to do now except click the
close "X". Time to take some lens-cap-on test shots. My 8 sec
shot still contained a few blue and green ones. Nowhere near as
bad as the big pink blossom that had been appearing in recent shots
even in daylight (ISO 100, 1/500 sec.) My next test shot, two
seconds, lens cap on, was COMPLETELY CLEAN! I realize that the
longer the camera is on, the warmer the CCD becomes, and the more
likely a hot pixel will show up. But for now, I feel like I've
done a good thing. Deep breath exhaled.

Does anybody else want to share their remap stories?
Thanks for reading......keep on clicking!
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